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“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” 1 Timothy 6:18

Whether we know it or not, by the standards of today’s world, each one of us is rich. Most of us who have jobs make more money in one month than most people in 3rd world nations can make in one entire year. God has given us responsibility with the accumulation of our wealth. He has asked us to have willing hearts to share.

As we approach, “Commitment Sunday” where we bring our pledges and first-fruits offerings to the Lord, I want to remind you of a couple important principles.

First, bring your gis to the Lord not out of compulsion or fear, but out of a willing and thankful heart. Second, if you are married, come to an agreement together on what you should give after carefully praying and talking together. And lastly, bring your gi in a spirit of faith, expecting God to bring a harvest in your life, your home, and your work.
Let’s agree in prayer that Sunday, February 17th, will be a, “Miracle Weekend” in the history of Life Fellowship Church!!

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for blessing my life with all the riches that we enjoy in this world You have created. I open up my heart to share what You’ve given me to help reach those who need You.

Prayer Target: To see our first-fruits offering on February 17th to reach or exceed $750,000.