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We are experiencing something incredible! God is radically at work in people’s lives and the implications for us as a church stagger the mind. We are trying to hold on as God keeps bringing more and more people, all of whom have needs, to our church to be cared for. People are coming who really need the Lord… and they are finding Him here!

When Tatum and I first envisioned what this church could be we had no idea that our initial dream would pale in comparison to God’s ultimate dream. From the start, we believed and placed our trust in a powerful God; and He’s been faithful all along.  Now, because of God’s power, we have the chance to do something that will last for generations to come. That’s why we’re calling our vision campaign Legacy.

You see, when we look deep into the eyes of our children, we realize that tomorrow is at stake.  The hope of future generations rests on us today.  That’s why we believe that it’s God’s vision for us to expand.

This new phase is more than building new buildings. It’s building a Legacy that will last long beyond our lifetime. Today’s generation will touch tomorrow’s generation, and thousands will be alive in heaven for all eternity thanks to the Legacy that we will build together.

Tatum and I have hearts that are filled with holy anticipation as we join you in prayer, making the most sacrificial and significant financial commitment we possibly can. Thank you in advance for praying about doing your part. You are helping us to be in a place to build this amazing building for the glory of God, along with the deep spiritual impact it will enable us to make on North Dallas, the nation and our world.

Thank you for your gracious hearts and I know that we stand united. Let’s build a Legacy.

I love being your Pastor,
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Chris Lindberg
Life Fellowship Pastor




The governing board of elders have been carefully chosen to provide sound counsel and governance in the important decisions of leading a  growing church.This board of elders has decades of invaluable experience in business and building churches and facilities to effectively accommodate growth. Pastor Chris has been meeting extensively with our elder board throughout this process in order to develop the best possible blueprint.


Stefan Klussmann
Tatum Lindberg
Matt Fergunson
Cade Leuschner
Vini Bruno
Lauren Cook
Logan Howard
Dani Rizzutti
Nathan Pickens
Blakely Lindberg
Leandro Rizzutti