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Make a 12-month giving pledge. Making a consistent monthly sacrificial offering beyond your regular church giving can result in very significant support over a the course of a year.

A one-time cash gift equal to a 12-month pledge. You might consider a significant gift from your savings or other investment money. This would give us a much-needed boost at the very beginning of our building process.

Convert stocks, securities or other assets. Is there something in your possession right now that God has provided for this critical moment in the building of His church?

The sale or transfer of property or other item of value. Think and give creatively. Perhaps God is leading you to sacrifice something you own right now that could be of greater value to the work of God.


  Most importantly, pray.
This is an issue of obedience to God for each of us. What is He asking us to sacrifice in order to help thousands of people come to faith in Jesus Christ? Each of us should ask if the amount of our gift pleases the Lord.
Stretch your faith.
Don’t put limits on what God could use you to give. Allow Him to take you to a higher level of generosity. He may show you a way to reduce your expenses, create extra income or defer a major purchase in order to raise your commitment level.
Expect a harvest.
You are sowing a significant financial seed into the fertile ground of the Kingdom of God. Your anticipation level should be at an all-time high for the blessing of God to overtake you in every area of life! Join with your family in faith and prayer as you make your commitment and ask Him for a specific harvest in the days ahead.
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We can seize this incredible opportunity by everyone participating in a 12 month supernatural journey of sacrificial living and giving. If everyone asks God, and gives what He wants them to sacrificially give over a 12 month period, we are confident that we will accomplish all God has asked us to do.

God has given us a clear vision of the future of Life Fellowship Church. Now He asks each of us to help make it possible by making the most significant and sacrificial gift we have ever made to the work of God.God has given us a target.

Our goal is to raise $1.8 million dollars over the next 12 months with $400,000 of that amount being given at our Legacy Christmas offering on December 6, 2020.

“Sacrifice is giving up something you love for something you love even more.”

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Pastor Chris Lindberg